LIAM PAYNE One Direction Singer Thinks Taylor Swift ‘Needs To Get Over It’

One Direction Video shoot

Do not mess with any of the boys of One Direction!  By now we’ve all heard about Taylor Swift throwing some shade at Harry Styles at the MTV VMA so when One Direction walked the red carpet at the premiere of their upcoming movie One Direction: This Is Us the folks at Vulture just had to ask the boys what they thought. Liam Payne chimed in with his thoughts saying;

“When she said those things about Niall, we were very, very pissed off,” he joked. Then Niall Horan joined in on it: “I was so upset that she would go writing songs about me after all we’ve been through.” Back to Liam: “Hashtag get over it … 

Liam went on to express his thoughts on the situation to US Weekly by saying;

“I just thought it was a bit not needed. I mean, you just won an award, it’s like, concentrate on yourself!”

I think it’s awesome that they’re standing up for their friend – but I also think that Taylor was referring to John Mayer in her acceptance speech and not Harry Styles.  Still, she should probably get over that too, right?


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  1. Carisle says

    She is so lame who gives a hoot what she thinks or does. A big star wanna be – loser!!!!