LADY GAGA Gets Piggy With It For Swine Fest

Lady Gaga Pigs Out

Lady Gaga traded her seashells for a pig’s snout. Interesting… Here’s the ‘Applause‘ singer leaving a London recording studio. She decided to don a pig’s snout. It must be because she’s performing at Swine Fest tomorrow. I wonder if the waiting fans approved of Lady Gaga’s new accessory? It’s fitting, at the very least!

I’m not sure Lady Gaga can surprise us anymore without getting arrested in the process- LOL. She’s stepped out without pants, without a top, with all kinds of hair, wearing meat, with sky-high platform heels. We’ve seen Lady Gaga pose naked but not actually step out in public in the buff. That’s about the only thing she has left to do to shock us, but even she may not get away without a police citation if she tries that.


Photos by FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET