MICHAEL LOHAN Hitting Back At Joan Rivers

Michael Lohan Arrives At Lindsay's NYC Hotel

Have you heard about the back-and-forth between comedienne Joan Rivers and Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s father? Joan fired the first shot by making some drug jokes about Lindsay. Michael decided he had to respond by saying Joan was hooked on needles (botox) and cutting (plastic surgery). Joan threatened to sue over Michael’s remarks. Michael hit back on the ‘Cohen & Cameron‘ radio show. Michael said:

“The sad part is she can poke and make fun of so many people and she makes a career out of it but when someone says something about her, and now even her daughter, she blows a fuse.  I could have gone a lot deeper and gotten personal with things about her own family.  Her husband and his problems and what happened to him.  I could go there but I am going to do that?  No…because I have more respect than that.”

Since Joan’s husband committed suicide, I think that’s a wise move on Michael’s part. That WOULD be hitting way below the belt. Michael also said:

“…I’ve never had a qualm with Joan.  Look when Lindsay was doing her own thing, OK…she was fair game, but now she’s doing the right thing.  Do not pick on her.  She’s never been in a better place than she is now, not in the last eight years at least.”

What does he think about Joan threatening to sue him?

“And now she wants to sue me?  What kind of grounds does she have to sue me?  What is this woman, an idiot?”

Oy vey. Michael said Lindsay just wants to take the high road and not respond, which I think is the smartest move anyone’s made in this little bit of drama! You can listen to Michael’s entire interview on the ‘Cohen & Cameron’ website.