DEMI LOVATO Sick Of ‘Twerking’

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We know we can all thank Miley Cyrus for making ‘twerking’ a household name, but there are some celebrities who wish that the word itself would just go away!

Demi Lovato took to her twitter account to tell her followers just how she feels about ‘twerking’ tweeting;

Can the world stop talking about twerking please?

The singer/actress then made sure that she clarified that she wasn’t talking about Miley saying

Btw – no shade thrown.. Don’t even try to start that crap. Haha… the term twerking just needs to disappear like the word swag does too..

I just don’t know what happened to the word “dancing”…. Can I getta amen?!!

Hmmmm, I know she says she’s not throwing any shade, but it sure sounds like she is!  What do you think? Is this a Miley diss?






  1. lola says

    could you please just post your photos and a description and leave out your catty comments. You used to have a good site when you didn’t have snide remarks on everything.