LADY GAGA Putting Her Best Fashion Foot Forward For New York Fashion Week

Celebrities Spotted During New York Fashion Week

Lady Gaga is probably wearing the most… unique take on pinstripes anyone has EVER seen. That’s the point of fashion week, right, to be a fashion trendsetter? Something tells me the professionals who regularly wear pinstripes won’t be looking to Lady Gaga for fashion tips, but she certainly gets your attention! Lady Gaga’s billowy ruffled sleeves put women from the 1800s to shame- LOL.

Hair-wise, Lady Gaga lost the seashells, mouse ears, and bows for New York Fashion Week. Instead, she just went with long and wild. I think Lady Gaga’s doing a great job of having fun with fashion at fashion week. Can’t wait to see what she wears next!


Photos by Spartano/FAMEFLYNET