Shop ‘Til They Drop

Kate Beckinsale & Len Wiseman Shopping In Beverly Hills

Len Wiseman earned husband brownie points yesterday. He took wife Kate Beckinsale shopping. This is especially impressive when you consider football season has started- LOL. Kate looks like she’s getting her fall wardrobe together. I’d love to see what she bought: I’ve always been a fan of her personal style!

I noticed in the pictures of them in the shop, I only see Kate browsing. Was Len being like many husbands and sitting in a chair looking like he was waiting for his turn at the guillotine? Personally, I hate seeing that. Those guys always take all the good chairs while their wives/girlfriends are trying on clothes and you’re standing around with an armful of clothes waiting for one of those dressing rooms to open up. Just a small pet peeve of mine  :-x.



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