MILEY CYRUS Hot New Video: ‘Wrecking Ball’ (Parental Advisory)

miley cyrus wrecking ball

***Parental Advisory: although there’s no actual nudity, there are times when Miley is completely nude and behaving in a sexually suggestive matter. You probably don’t want the little ones watching over your shoulder.***

Miley Cyrus continues to raise eyebrows with her new video, ‘Wrecking Ball.’ You don’t actually see anything except the side of one breast, but if she’s wearing anything, it can’t be seen in some of the shots in this video. At this point, I predict Miley will be stripping down for Playboy within the next two to three years! Once her career ebbs a little, she’ll probably revive it that way.

Most of you thought Miley should NOT be on the cover of Vogue after her VMA performance. I understand the thinking behind it. it’s about time celebs started to realize not all attention is necessarily good attention. Besides Miley stripping down and licking a sledgehammer suggestively, there isn’t anything else to this video. I really wish the people advising her would reconsider this over-the-top persona. What do you think?