BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH Looking HOT On The Cover Of The Hollywood Reporter


OMG, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Benedict Cumberbatch look THIS HOT before. Man, can he wear a suit! The British actor in on the cover of this month’s Hollywood Reporter, where he gives one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve read in a very long time. Here are some snippets:

His philosophy/religion: Cumberbatch speaks of being drawn to the “transcendent” and calls himself a Buddhist (at least “philosophically”), but he can just as easily leave all that, become Holmes and “imagine faking my own death.”

Interesting details: He lives in a flat in north London, which he describes as both minimalist and eclectic (“I like light; there’s not a single room in the house that doesn’t have a window”). He watches some television, including Breaking Bad and The Killing, but not much. He professes a deep admiration for Stanley Kubrick, the subject of a dissertation he wrote at university about “how within a diverse subject matter his worldview is still very unified.” He has a fondness for music, particularly Icelandic band Sigur Ros: “It transports me. It gives me a mental landscape that is very inspiring. It gives me a space in my head where I can imagine great emotion and depth.”

He loves books and hates the internet: He seems both part of this world and removed from it, with an old-fashioned liking for books (he lavishes praise on Ford Madox Ford’s Parade’s End, the basis of an HBO miniseries for which he has received an Emmy nomination) and a contempt for the Internet, where vitriol “is horrific. You can’t win. It’s like a new form of bullying. I find it quite despicable.”

Being given the portraits of himself that fans have drawn: “I’ve kept a couple that are stunning, that are just really beautiful drawings, and the rest I’ve had to give away. And I’ve told fans, ‘Look, I’m very flattered, but what do you expect me to do with it? Think about it. Would you want your room surrounded by drawings of you?’ It’s a bit weird.”


Photos via The Hollywood Reporter