He Finally Graduated High School!

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It’s time to celebrate! Charlie Sheen has graduated from High School. The 48-year-old actor has earned his diploma 30 years after being expelled from Santa Monica High School in 1983 because he was a few points short of the requirement and had a 33 per cent attendance record.

Speaking to TMZ, Charlie said: ”It was a loose end that always bothered me. I just have this lifelong habit of never finishing things.”

Charlie further explained that he left school to make it in Hollywood, adding: “The idea my parents had was for me go to summer school. My response was, ‘There’s school during the summer? That’s crazy!’ I could think of nothing worse in my first summer of freedom after all that time. I told them, ‘Let me go on some auditions and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll go and get my GED (a diploma equivalency test) and go to college.’ But I got the first job I went on. It wasGrizzly II: The Predator, that horrible thing.”

Charlie further admitted that graduating from High School was one of his greatest achievements to date, stating: ”I’m going to get a spotlight, cordon the thing off. I think it should be put up somewhere, maybe in the kitchen. Or maybe just put it in a drawer.”


Photos via FameFlynet