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World Premiere Of Runner Runner



This is enough of an advertisement to see ‘Runner, Runner,’ isn’t it? Check out the movie’s HAWT stars, Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake. It looks like Ben and Justin go head-to-head in this film, with Justin’s college-age character trying to take on Ben’s investor character. LOVE Jessica Biel’s chic look on the red carpet (check out the gallery to see pics)!

I’m kind of surprised Ben is doing so much acting again after making that transition to being a director. I STILL can’t believe he’s going to be the next Batman, although I think he’s perfectly capable of handling the role. I just thought he was taking his career in a more serious direction. Well, we’ll have a wait before we see him in the batsuit. Are you interested in seeing him with JT in ‘Runner, Runner’?

Photos by WENN