CHRIS HEMSWORTH What Scared Chris The Most About ‘Rush’? Going Nude

Chris Hemsworth Spotted Outside His Hotel In NYC



Chris Hemsworth might have preferred to spend more time swinging his hammer or doing another stunt over what he had to do for his new movie, ‘Rush.’ What race car driving scary for Chris? Not as much as going nude before the camera!

“It was more daunting than the racing! To take your clothes off in front of 100 people and cameras was something I wasn’t comfortable with. To be honest, it was embarrassing.”

While Chris may not have enjoyed showing off his backside on the big screen, his wife, Elsa Pataky, enjoyed the view.

“It was more uncomfortable for me to see than her. I think she enjoyed it.”

I bet she did- LOL! Another tough aspect to the role for Chris was shedding 30 pounds for the part.

“It was brutal. I’ve said this before, but my wife was pregnant when I was preparing for the film and I had more symptoms of a pregnant woman than she did. I was hungry all the time and moody.”

Yeah, having to lose 30 pounds would do that to you! Wonder if Chris’ brother, Liam Hemsworth, gave him any tips? Liam had to lose weight for ‘The Hunger Games,’ after all.