ZOSIA MAMET Love It Or Hate It (Emmy Edition)

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards



Girls‘ star Zosia Mamet probably got the most tongues wagging at the Emmy Awards last night. Check out her dress. What do you think of Zosia’s red carpet look? I actually don’t mind the pattern for the skirt. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s not bad, given that we’re seeing a lot of bold colors and patterns. The black strip is what does this dress in, in my opinion. It just… doesn’t work.

USA Today reported on the twitter feedback, with comments like “bad bridesmaid dress meets dominatrix. Ick.” and “an elementary water color project gone pukey.” As for the strip of black leather? Tweets about it included: “boob sleep mask” and “ironic hipster boob mustache.” The final verdict was summed up in this comment: “Zosia Mamet even your dress is depressed that you wore it.” OUCH. I can’t imagine the pressure of having to pick a chic, eye-catching gown for such a high-profile event! But I’ve gotta ask:

Photos by WENN