DINA LOHAN Appears in Court for DUI Charges



Well, the drama just keeps unfolding with Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina Lohan. The 50-year-old was arrested two weeks ago on drunk driving charges on Long Island, New York not far from where Lindsay and her three siblings grew up.

As we reported earlier this month, she was catapulting her white BMW at 77 in a 55 mph speed zone and her BAC was clocked at .20, more than twice the legal limit. However, she has entered a plea of not guilty. Her defense attorney says: “Dina Lohan is painfully mindful of the gravity of her arrest for driving while intoxicated. I am confident that the district attorney’s office and the judicial system will temper justice with mercy.”

Apparently, Dina showed in court with only her mother, Ann Sullivan, in tow. Lohan was released without bail but her driver’s license is suspended. It’s too bad all of this is happening just as Linsday seems to be making an earnest attempt at getting her life back in order. Let’s just hope this family, that’s been rattled with struggles, can get to a better place.

Photos by FameFlynett/WENN