Celebrity Blind Item: Celebrity Odd Couple?

celebrity blind item

Can you guess the actress and the rapper? Here’s the goss:

This actress is B list. It is strictly because of her A list name recognition though and does not reflect any actual acting talent. In fact, she does not even really appear in that many things anymore. Back in the day though she was considered the best thing that ever walked into your living room. Everyone wanted a piece of her and the marketing campaign was based on her being hot and available. Innocence with just a hint of edge. That all changed though when some photos were taken of her by her boyfriend at the time. He was an up and coming rapper and he had taken lots of photos of the two of them in bed together. Mostly just shots of her naked from the waist up, but there were one or two which would have fit right at home in an X rated movie. Lets just say, she was inspecting some anatomy parts really up close. Anyway, the rapper had been showing off the photos to his friends and then the next thing you know they are being offered for sale. Panic set in at the network. Producers cringed. This was their golden meal ticket. Money was exchanged and the photos bought. This was the first time anyone knew she also was dating this rapper. Well, that had to stop. She was told she had to stop seeing him for the good of her career. Basically they were all telling her America is racist and no one would think of her the way she wanted to be thought of. It was all crap, but she bought in to it. The pair broke up, but for several years, the couple always texted and got together from time to time to reignite the flame. In fact there are some who thought he might have been the father of her child.

I had some guesses, but my jaw Hit The Floor when I saw the reveal!

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights