Back In Paris!

Kim and Kanye Arrrive in Paris



Kanye West has all but declared war on the paparazzi, but Kim Kardashian looks happy to see them. Kanye went to such great lengths to avoid a confrontation with them at LAX that he and Kim took a private plane to San Francisco so they could catch a commercial flight from there to Paris (rather than catch a commercial flight out of LAX). I guess it’s just too hard to ignore them like every other celebrity! While Kanye may be barely able to control himself around the paparazzi, Kim looks happy to give them a good picture or two: check out the main pic.

Kim made sure to give the paparazzi an over-the-shoulder shot before making her way into the Givenchy building in Paris. She’s still hiding her body, this time under a baggy coat, but I think she’s looking great! Are you ready for Kim’s return to the spotlight?