KATE GOSSELIN What Does She Think Of The Idea Of Her Kids Writing A Tell-All Book?





According to Kate Gosselin, she doesn’t have any skeletons in her closet! That’s why she says she doesn’t mind if her kids write a tell-all book about her one day. The former reality television mom also opened up about her thoughts on her ex-husband Jon Gosselin and why people are surprised her kids aren’t “damaged” yet. Here’s what she says:

On if her kids wanted to write a tell-all book
You know what… I would be fine with that, because I know everything they would write, you know, if they want to open their lives up someday I wouldn’t count it out. If they wanted to say it, I say go for it.

On the rumors about her family
I know that a lot of the things that you read are not true. Certainly there’s speculation out there, the kids are damaged or whatever [laughs]. The truth is, I live here, they live here, they’re normal kids. Anyone who comes here from camera crews or friends… everyone is just blown away ‘your kids are just regular normal kids.’ I’m like ‘yeah, what did you expect?’

On why she’s suing Jon
The wrong that has been done, I set out from the beginning to right that… just to make it right… it’s a thing of protecting my kids’ future and my ability to provide. My… ruined reputation will greatly affect their future if I just let it go.

On dating as a single mon
It feels like another part-time job if you’re going to go out searching for somebody. I honestly don’t have the time… I would have to by accident meet somebody because I don’t feel like… I would never spend the time away from my kids when there’s only one of me and eight of them. I really believe that everything out there happens for a reason and if there was someone out there meant for us, somehow I’ll find them.

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