DIANNA AGRON ‘Glee’ Star Pampers Herself

Exclusive... Dianna Agron Leaving A Nail Salon



Dianna Agron pampered herself yesterday with a  gal pal. The two were spotted leaving a nail salon. There’s nothing like taking a little break to get a mani-pedi, is there? Dianna looks pretty relaxed afterwards, so it must’ve been a nice break for her. Maybe she was bracing herself for the ‘Glee‘ episode airing in a few hours (these pics were taken yesterday).

Did you see the ‘Glee‘ tribute to Cory Monteith last night? I admit, I didn’t get a chance to watch, but by all accounts, it was “tearful,” “emotional,” and “beautiful.” If you got to watch it, what did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Photos by Premiere/FAMEFLYNET