Celebrity Blind Item
Does This A+ List Couple Have An Open Relationship?

celebrity blind item

This couple may be more “open” than we think. Here’s the goss:

This is one of the very few times I have ever had a blind item about this person that was not from several years ago. He slipped. He made a mistake. He lets his guard down and let a light of gossip filter out. He is an A+ list mostly movie actor who has A++ name recognition. They probably have an open relationship. Probably, but he paid an escort/stripper triple what she charges for an entire night the other night and had her for about 20 minutes alone in a private room at a club. It is not even so much that he did it, but the timing of it.

Any guesses? My jaw DROPPED when I saw the reveal for this blind, which was dated for June 6, 2013.

– Item from Crazy Days and NIghts

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