The Next Brangelina?

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Step Out In NYC



Robin Thicke and Paula Patton continue to put up a united front! Here they are leaving their hotel in NYC. LOVE that sweater dress she’s wearing. What do you think of the pink ribbons with the blue shoes? Paula definitely seems to be a fan of the tights and colorful shoes look! Her father-in-law, Alan Thicke, says he has high hopes for his son and daughter-in-law with all of their professional success. Alan told Us Weekly that he advised his son:

“I told [Robin], ‘You’re a power couple now. If you only adopt a few Ethiopian kids, you’d be the next Brangelina.'”

OMG! I’m sure Alan was joking. I’m not sure adoption is the way to raise one’s profile, but Robin and Paula do seem devoted to each other and their son, Julian. That’s enough for me to make them a favorite Hollywood couple!