CHLOE GRACE MORETZ Huddling In The Drizzle

chloe grace moretz (10)



Carrie‘ star Chloe Grace Moretz is already at work on a new movie. It’s called ‘If I Stay.’ I was disappointed to see the ‘Carrie‘ remake “fall flat” at the box office, according to Deadline Hollywood. Stephen King wrote the book in 1975, I think. The idea of bullying in high school is nothing new.

Maybe it wasn’t updated enough for today’s teens? So much of bullying now occurs on social media and results with such horrifying consequences with these tragic suicides we read about. I’m guessing either ‘Carrie’ didn’t resonate because it wasn’t updated enough or it hit too close to home, talking about something teens can’t be entertained by because it’s too upsetting. What do you think?