COURTNEY LOVE Talks Style In Fashion Magazine





Say what you want about her, but Courtney Love is by far one of my favorite celebrities. She’s raw, unfiltered and completely genuine. And yes, I think she’s one of those accidental geniuses too, but that’s just my opinion. The rocker opens up to Fashion Magazine this month, where inside she talks about her style, her music and the most interesting advice she’s ever received. Check out some snippets below:

Sex advice from Karl Lagerfeld? “In 2010, I was in the lobby of the Mercer and Karl said ‘What are you doing in a tutu?’ and I said ‘I have a new record out, this is my Gaga look–this is my meat dress’ and he goes ‘You’re never getting laid in a tutu.’ That was when I stopped wearing my kooky clothes.”

Her style is so authentic: “When I was younger and full of p-ss and vinegar and starting my band, I just wore what I wore. There was no contrivance … it was what I found and was my look. It was utilitarian, I could pack fast, and I was extremely, extremely picky about the dresses and shoes and little plastic tiaras and barrettes I wore.”

On her early grunge look: “I was on the prowl constantly for collar-cuff dresses … or, as the goths now like to call it, ‘the Wednesday Addams dress.’ I didn’t have time to use a primer on my skin, so my makeup ran. I could not afford a beauty parlor, so my hair was constantly candyfloss platinum with a brown streak. They were velvet generally, but sometimes they were WWII rayon and looked as though Carole Lombard might have worn it.”

More on Miley and Katy: “Mostly everything is contrived now. Miley Cyrus is not setting any trends – if you can’t start a trend, you’re screwed’ ‘I wonder who decided to put her in white mesh and a pair of pasties and a faux fur? It was dumb and trashy-looking. ‘Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry … It’s artless pop at the end of the day, and, yeah, I have listened to ‘Roar’ and ‘We Can’t Stop’ and I love ‘Wrecking Ball’ for a guilty pleasure, but these are songs written by men mostly for pop tarts.”

She’ll be in two films soon: “These are penance parts, they’re good films and good roles, but they are also to show the community that I show up and don’t take drugs.”

Photos via FameFlynet