Celebrity Blind Item: WHO Is Secretly Married?

celebrity blind item

Who is married for the sake of tax deductions and to avoid commitment? Here are the deets:

This A list actor. 95% of the time film. Single and allegedly never married. This is the first year he used this accountant and when he was reviewing the forms he noticed that he was listed as single on the tax forms. Our actor then proceeded to tell the accountant that the actor has been married for many years. The fact that he has only seen his foreign wife once in the interim did not change the fact that he was married. Our actor apparently does send money sometimes to his wife, but apparently does so in his corporate name. The accountant got the feeling that the wife actually has no idea who she is actually married to. Our actor meanwhile loves the deduction that comes with being married. It apparently is the one thing he really enjoys about being married. He also uses it as an excuse when a woman tries to pressure him into marriage. He explains to prospective future brides that although he would love to get married to them he is unfortunately already married and the process for divorce will take a year or two. In the meantime why not just live together or be girlfriend and boyfriend. Invariably the relationship dies out before the divorce becomes final. The actor never starts the paperwork and has never been challenged by the IRS about being married. They must not read the tabloids.

Any guesses? Check out the reveal. My jaw DROPPED.

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights