LADY GAGA ‘ARTPOP’ Release Party At Brooklyn Naval Yard

lady gaga (14)



You have to admit, Lady Gaga knows how to make an entrance. She held the release party for her new album, ‘ARTPOP,’ at the Brooklyn Naval Yard. Lady Gaga made quite an entrance, “flying” in onstage in what she called ‘Atlantis.’ USA Today has video of her entrance: you need to see it to understand. In an interview with the paper, Lady Gaga said she stands by her latest offering.

“There’s a lot of pressure for me to deliver. I’m not manufactured. I take it very seriously. I have to live and die by my own work.

“I’m at the age where you see blond hair and (breasts) and a (butt) and hear me singing about sex or fighting for gay rights, people start to roll their eyes. But no matter what happens, I’m prepared to go down with the ship.”

Are you planning on buying ‘ARTPOP’? I have to admit, I rarely buy entire albums anymore. Instead, I’d rather just pick my favorite singles off iTunes, but talking to some of my friends makes me think I’m in the minority. How about you?

Photos by Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET