GWYNETH PALTROW: Does She Have An “Image Problem” To Fix?

gwyneth paltrow (11)



Have you heard about Gwyneth Paltrow and Vanity Fair’s war? Well, war is a rather strong word. Gwyneth and Vanity Fair have been at odds ever since the magazine started working on a piece about her that is supposed to be less than flattering. Gwyneth reportedly sent an email to her friends, asking them not to cooperate with the article and not to do anything with Vanity Fair ever again. Well, Vanity Fair isn’t backing down: the magazine hasn’t run the piece yet, but they’re supposed to. Sources are now telling Radar Online that Gwyneth has an image problem she needs to fix. An insider claims:

“There is major pressure on Gwyneth right now to do something big and turn the tide of heavily negative publicity that, coupled with her last underperforming movie Thanks For Sharing, has effectively marred the fact that she will be front-and-center for the year’s biggest hit, Iron Man 3.
“She has to fix this problem before she commits to more work. There is a significant image problem at work and Gwyneth doesn’t want to have another baby to fix it.”

Have another baby to fix an image problem? Is that even a serious consideration? Apparently Gwyneth has nixed the idea.

“It looks like she will have to undergo either some weight gain for a role that wins her Bridget Jones-style sympathy or perhaps do a play on Broadway or in London that will allow her to reconnect with her core fans.”

I know some people poke fun at her website, GOOP, for the many suggestions that most of us could never afford to follow, but do you think she’s in crisis mode regarding her image? Does she have an “image problem” to fix?