MILEY CYRUS Love It Or Hate It

miley cyrus (1)



Miley Cyrus surprised everyone at the 2013 Bambi Awards by… covering up! It says something when not flashing any skin actually causes double takes- LOL. I think the goal with Miley is doing whatever gets tongues wagging. That makes sense, too: she’s a celebrity trying to sell a new album.

Here’s Miley in a flowing frock on the red carpet at the Bambi Awards. What do you think of her dress? Personally, I don’t think Miley needs to flash quite as much skin as she’s been flashing. Yet, there is a happy medium. I have to shake my head at myself: if someone’s not criticized for one thing, it’s another, isn’t it? This dress just seems to age her a bit, but I do think she looks great. I’ve gotta ask…

Photos by WENN