TORI SPELLING “Broke” Celeb Shells Out $10K For Thanksgiving Vacay!

tori spelling & family (10)

Remember when Tori Spelling was talking about how she’s lost everything and is “broke”? Tori wrote that in her memoir, ‘Spelling It Like It Is.’ She said the couple was so hard up for cash, they couldn’t afford a vasectomy for hubby Dean McDermott! The first hint that Tori’s financial situation may not have been quite that dire was when Dean openly contradicted her account. Now Radar Online has more evidence Tori isn’t quite as strapped for cash as she suggests. On Wednesday she tweeted:

So excited 2get out of LA 4 #Thanksgiving! Some quality family time just Me, Dean, Jack, Liam, Stella, Hattie, & Finn. Packed up & on road!

What Tori didn’t tweet about was that all of them (and a nanny) were headed to the St. Regis Monarch Bay Resort in Dana Point, CA. Radar reports Tori and her family stayed in three rooms, each costing $500/night for FOUR nights. This didn’t include the Thanksgiving buffet alone, which was $115/adult and $35/child. With all the amenities included, Radar estimates Tori and Dean spent about $10K on their Thanksgiving vacay. I need to be broke like that! Given Tori’s upbringing, however, this is probably a modest vacation by her standards.