BARBARA WALTERS Who Made Barbara’s Final ’10 Most Fascinating People Of 2013′ List?

barbara walters 10 most fascinating people 2013 (10)

I can NOT believe it. This will be Barbara Walters’ FINAL ‘10 Most Fascinating People of 2013‘ show. Like, ever. The iconic newswoman is retiring in 2014. I grew up watching the ’10 Most Fascinating People’ program every year; the idea that Barbara won’t be back next year with ten more fascinating people won’t sink in until next year, I think. Nine of the ten people selected have been revealed (the tenth person, the most fascinating person, isn’t revealed until the final interview of the broadcast). But who did make the list?

  • ABC anchor Robin Roberts
  • Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence
  • The stars of Duck Dynasty
  • Singer Miley Cyrus
  • Pope Francis
  • Prince George
  • Long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad
  • Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West)
  • NSA leaker Edward Snowden

I’m not surprised about Miley, Jennifer or Edward Snowden. I’m glad Robin Roberts made it: she’s been through so much! Kimye… this just goes to show the power of celebrity couples. Pope Francis seems to be doing a lot of interesting things, and the selection of Prince George makes sense. What do you think of this list?