SELMA BLAIR Farmers Market Fun!

selma blair & son (10)

It may have been a holiday weekend, but Selma Blair and Arthur didn’t deviate from their regular routine. Here’s the mother-son duo hanging out at the Farmer’s Market. Why should a holiday weekend mean you can’t still do the regular fun things? I bet the Farmer’s Market had even more interesting stuff than usual!

Besides, by the time Sunday rolls around, I know I’m ready for something besides turkey. I bet Selma and Arthur felt the same way. Are you still eating leftovers? I try not to get carried away: they just are NOT waist friendly (with the exception of turkey). Yet after all the cooking you do for the holiday, it’s a shame not to get at least a few days off from the kitchen. At least, that’s what I tell myself- LOL.

Photos by Martin/FAMEFLYNET