JOHNNY DEPP Tense Time Shooting ‘Mortdecai’

johnny depp (10)

Johnny Depp (or I guess I should say, Johnny’s character) was having a rough time of it in this ‘Mortdecai’ scene. Some heavies pushed Johnny against the wall. Johnny had to pull out a gun to escape. Goodness! So what’s ‘Mortdecai’ about? Here’s the info:

Art dealer, Charles Mortdecai, searches for a stolen painting rumored to contain a secret code that gains access to hidden Nazi gold.

Johnny plays the title character, Charles Mortdecai. He doesn’t look at all like himself with that thick mustache, does he? I think Johnny likes that, though: he seems to be into costume and makeup to make himself look different. It makes sense: that’s part of the fun of acting, right?

Photos by FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET