Celebrity Blind Item
Which Celeb Lived In Terror For Years?

celebrity blind item

This is one of those gossip items that I HOPE isn’t true. However, there’s been a reveal. Do you think that makes it more credible? Here’s the goss:

This actress was almost A list at one point. Mostly movies. It feels like she has been around forever, and she has, but when she first started working she worked all the time and now just works enough to let her keep doing things that interest her. Lots of things interest her. She says she loves helping people because she has been the victim so many times in her past. Her name recognition is high. Close to A list. Her status on the acting list though is probably C. She once documented an abusive relationship she had with a then A list celebrity who beat her frequently and verbally abused her too. She said that was the only kind of relationship she knew for a long time. Prior to that relationship before she got a break in a very very popular movie that broke the careers of a number of stars, she used to date a guy who was on the edge of the law and always in trouble. He got into some trouble with some very bad people and they decided to make him pay by taking his girlfriend – our actress. She says that she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted for several days and that she feared for her life because she overheard the men talking about leaving no witnesses and she knew what they looked like. On the second night she had been taken, she says they finished with her early and left to go out and to collect on some other debts and they forgot to lock everything and she escaped. She left the town and never returned and said that for years she thought they would come for her at any time and that she was going to end up dead. This will be revealed.

SCARY. And as I mentioned earlier, this person has been revealed. Do you believe it?

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

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