KIM KARDASHIAN Catching Up With Her Gal Pal Blac Chyna In California

kim kardashian & blac chyna

Kanye West must be taking a few days off from his tour (aptly named ‘Kanye West’). I bet Kim Kardashian is relieved: she’s been on the road with him, but at least she got to spend the weekend at home! Kim took advantage of the opportunity to catch up with one of her gal pals, Blac Chyna. Kim and Blac Chyna were seen lunching together.

They even hit up the spa for some beauty maintenance (and hopefully a little pampering, too). Kim and Blac Chyna were seen leaving a private house in Beverly Hills after getting their eyebrows waxed. I wonder if this is some kind of super-exclusive spa or something? Kim’s brows look great. She can hit the road again looking as glam as ever! And she’s hitting the road soon: Kanye’s due in Chicago for a performance on Tuesday, December 17.