JULIA ROBERTS & MERYL STREEP Hugging It Out At ‘August: Osage County’ Premiere

julia roberts & meryl streep (1)

Meryl Streep doesn’t seem to play the most lovable matriarch in ‘August: Osage County.’ Yet Julia Roberts is a veteran herself: she can separate acting from reality (something it would probably help more actors to be able to do from time to time). It looks like Meryl and Julia developed a cordial relationship off-screen. Here they are hugging it out on the red carpet!

Are you interested in seeing ‘August: Osage County’? I can’t WAIT to see it. This cast alone would draw me in, but the story itself seems genuinely good. I haven’t seen the play or read the play, so I’m just going off the trailers. This is definitely at the top of my list.