GWEN STEFANI Holiday Shopping

gwen stefani (1)

Gwen Stefani can’t hide her baby bump anymore, except behind a couple of those big boxes she had after doing some shopping. She’s wearing dark colors, but otherwise Gwen’s tunic is fitted enough to make it clear that she’s looking bigger because of a baby bump. This is certainly better than wondering if she had indulged in too much eggnog, right? Of course, Gwen is staying stylish: love her hat. I also WANT that vest.

Gwen was doing some shopping yesterday, even from her own line, L.A.M.B. It also looks like she was picking up some things for Kingston and Zuma. Yet I saw Zuma in one of the pics: maybe she had a nanny take Zuma off to play while she did some shopping? I wonder if Gwen’s boys still believe in Santa Claus? Christmas is especially fun while kids still believe.