TAYLOR SWIFT Rocking An Xmas Onesie

taylor swift instagram

Taylor Swift pretty much did the opposite of Mariah Carey– LOL. While Mariah was getting ready for the hottub, Taylor was more relaxed and playful right before Christmas. She and her brother wore matching onesies. Taylor explained their sleepwear on Instagram:

Matching Christmas onesies is a thing that’s happening right now.

Well, no one ever turns down comfy pajamas, do they? Taylor clearly doesn’t! Hey, when you’re celebrating with the family, this is how you dress. It doesn’t look like she brought home a special someone for the holidays, so I get this. I wonder what you get someone like Taylor for Christmas? I’m sure her family can think of something, although it can’t be easy: she just had a birthday on December 13!

Photo Courtesy of Taylor Swift’s Instagram