SHAKIRA Fun With Her Little Fussbudget


Shakira and companion Gerard Pique had a special Christmas: it was their first one with their son, Milan! Milan is 11 months old. I can’t BELIEVE how big he is in these pics. It seems like we were just hearing about this little guy’s arrival. Shakira tweeted pictures of them having fun on Christmas morning, playing with the presents. Gerard chose a more, well, candid picture to tweet with the caption “fussy.”

Every parent knows that moment: when the excitement of the new toys wears off, and exhaustion sets in for your little ones. It looks like Shakira had some fun with the moment. Really, what else can you do until they calm down and take a nap? After some rest, I’m sure Milan was all smiles again while playing with his new toys.

Photos Courtesy of Shakira & Gerard Pique’s twitter