MALIN AKERMAN Strolling With Her Little Sweetie

malin akerman (1)

Malin Akerman took her little guy out for some fresh air. They went on a stroll with Malin’s stepmother through Los Feliz yesterday. I’m guessing the holidays were bittersweet this year. On one hand, it was Malin’s first Christmas with her baby boy, Sebastian. Yet her husband, Roberto Zincone, filed for divorce last month, right before Thanksgiving.

Something must have been VERY wrong for them to split up so soon after Sebastian’s birth (he was born last spring). Malin and Roberto had been married for six years, so you would’ve thought their relationship was stable enough to withstand the changes a child can bring. Well, no one knows what really goes on between a couple behind closed doors. Hopefully they’re able to co-parent their son peacefully. And I’m guessing next year’s holidays will be much more merry for Malin.