Her Dog Is Hung Over From Christmas

nicole richie's dog

Nicole Richie posted this adorable pic of her dog on Instagram. Nicole’s caption with the pic is simple:

Christmas Hangover

I think a lot of us are STILL feeling that way as we gear up for New Year’s! When you have kids, I think the feeling of a Christmas hung over is even stronger- LOL. Nicole Richie’s kids are old enough to understand what Christmas is and to get up well before dawn on Christmas day. I’m guessing the dog wasn’t the only one feeling hung over after Christmas in the Richie-Madden household. Are you still in the holiday spirit or do things start calming down after Christmas? Not everyone does much for New Year’s. And how are you handling Christmas decorations? I think my friend are evenly split between having already taken them down and leaving them up until January 1. Personally, I like to get mine down by New Year’s Eve. That way, I really can relax on New Year’s Day, rather than spending the day cleaning. How about you?

Photo Courtesy of Nicole Richie’s Instagram

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