Are GABRIELLE UNION’s Tweets In Response To Dwayne Wade’s Baby Announcement?

gabrielle union & dwayne wade (1)

Yesterday we were all pretty surprised when word got out that Dwayne Wade recently welcomed a third son with another woman right after proposing to longtime girlfriend Gabrielle Union. He reportedly got together with the woman while he and Gabrielle were on a break. Gabrielle took to twitter yesterday. She sent out the following tweets.

The goal is NOT perfection… The goal is to be whole
That “you complete me” mess is total crap… Work on YOURSELF. Become whole, healthy & happy & watch what happens #LoveAndLight
If u are unhappy/angry/resentful w/ ur life, before u pt the finger & place blame/shame on others… Look at urself. WE control our own destiny
Workin on ME has gotten me MUCH further than obsessing/criticizing/judging other folks. U never lose when u work on yourself
Hope everyone has a great day! #LoveLightandGoodTimes

I’m not sure how I’d feel if I were in Gabrielle’s shoes. The fact that they weren’t together when Dwayne hooked up with this woman would be an important point for me, though. Luckily, Gabrielle knew about this before Dwayne popped the question, so there wasn’t a nasty surprise right after they got engaged.