USHER Kicking Off 2014 With Adventure!

usher vacation 9

So how is Usher starting off 2014? He’s on an adventure in the Sahara Desert and visiting Morocco. Talk about a memorable start to the year! I need to put Morocco on my list of places to visit. I’ll give Usher credit for bravery: I can NOT see myself getting that close to a snake. Take a look at the thumbnails. I’m sure there was a handler nearby, but it wouldn’t make ANY difference to me. I’d still be watching from across the street. That’s why we have zoom lenses on cameras, right? LOL

Usher posted these AMAZING pics to Instagram. These aren’t all of them, so head over to his account to see them all. He and Shakira are both returning to ‘The Voice‘ this winter, too. Usher has a lot going on in 2014. Will you be watching him as a mentor?

Photos Courtesy of Usher