Can You Tell He’s The Father Of Four Girls?

Matt Damon Arriving On A Flight At LAX


Matt Damon looked happy to be back in warm LA as he left LAX. I’m guessing his family was with him, but they were more camera shy, so Matt drew the paparazzi away by walking out separately. I don’t think Matt would be carrying a pink backpack otherwise ;). Something tells me that’s not his carry-on of choice. They used to live in New York City, and of course Matt’s originally from Massachusetts, so I wonder if they flew out just before the major cold settled in? If they were in the east, then they got to some snow with Hercules, at least.

Then again, Matt and Luciana used to have a place in Miami (isn’t that where they met?), so they could have been enjoying some fun in the sun on the east coast, too. They keep a low enough profile so we’ll never know! Another thing we don’t know (at least, not yet) is why Matt’s arm is in a sling. Was he injured on set? It doesn’t seem to be slowing him down too much, at least. Hopefully he can ditch the sling soon.


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