Breaking News: KELLY OSBOURNE Calls Off Engagement

kelly osbourne ends engagement

OMG! Kelly Osbourne and Matthew Mosshart have ended their engagement. Kelly’s rep confirmed the news to People. Her rep released the following statement:

“Kelly and Matthew have decided to end their engagement. The split is amicable and the pair continue to have nothing but the utmost respect for one another. Kelly is looking forward to a new year full of fresh beginnings. No further comments will be provided by all parties and we request privacy, decorum and space from the press but don’t expect it.”

At least the rep was honest. Kelly and Matthew were together for two years. I feel terrible for Kelly. She just seemed to be in such a good place! Well, if a relationship isn’t working out, it’s better to realize that BEFORE making that trip down the aisle rather than afterwards. Kelly will bounce back from this, as I’m sure Matthew will. The right people are out there for them!