LINDSAY LOHAN Stolen Computer, Stolen Photos!


Breaking news: Lindsay Lohan claims her computer was stolen at the airport in Shanghai, China, after appearing (pictured) at the Sohu Fashion Achievement Awards.  Of course, she’s offering a reward for its return, but she isn’t specifying how much she’ll give, saying, “Whatever it takes.” Hmm…probably a lot, then!

So why is Lilo so peeved her computer was stolen? TMZ has learned Lilo had some…naughty shots of herself! The actress claims she has some “tasteful nudes” (my words, not hers) from various photo shoots that were never supposed to be released. Lindsay alsoclaims she has “private correspondence” (her words, not mine) from a bunch of famous people like Woody Allen and Lady Gaga, that she wants to remain private.

I DOUBT this stuff will remain private, Lindsay! Gotta keep an eye on your stuff, am I right?