KERRY WASHINGTON & OLIVIA WILDE Red Carpet Baby Bumps At 2014 Golden Globes

kerry washington & olivia wilde 2014 golden globes (1)

Drew Barrymore wasn’t the only celeb rocking a  baby bump on the red carpet last night at the 2014 Golden Globes! Kerry Washington and Olivia Wilde also flaunted their baby bumps. For Kerry, this was the “debut” of her baby bump, so to speak, since she’s been covering it on the set of ‘Scandal.’ What did you think of Kerry’s red carpet dress? I liked it. I wonder if she could’ve gone a bit more glamorous, but this was a very chic, elegant gown. I was disappointed she didn’t win a Golden Globe for ‘Scandal.’ She deserved it!

Olivia did add some sparkle to her frock. She announced her pregnancy a while back, so she hasn’t been trying to hide anything. Instead, Olivia just went for it. She looks great. What do you think of Kerry’s and Olivia’s red carpet looks?