Celeb Blind Item
Which Co-Stars Barely Speak Off-Camera?

Blind Folded ManSomething tells me this isn’t too uncommon on sets. It must make going to work that much harder, though! Here’s the goss:

This former B+ list mostly television actress who was in the network hit that was great for a year and then crashed and burned spends most of her days on the phone with her boyfriend and the rest of it trying to throw her B list mostly television actress co-star under the bus. The former B+ list actress wants to be the star. She hates the supporting tag in front of her name and thinks “the old b**ch” should be the supporting one and that people only watch the show for the former B+ list actress. The two actresses only speak to each other while filming.

I had guessed this one even before the reveal. Take a guess and then check out who it’s supposed to be. Do you believe it? Sadly, I have to admit I wouldn’t be surprised.

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights

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