JUSTIN BIEBER Mug Shot Released

JB Mugshot Main


Justin Bieber’s mugshots have been released. The mugshots were taken after Justin was arrested for drag racing in Miami Beach, Florida at about 4am this morning (Thursday, January 23, 2014). For his part, Justin seems completely unphased by the fact that he was having a mugshot taken, and doesn’t seem too concerned with the fact that he’s not actually a US citizen and could be deported!

According to the police report, which was released via Twitter by the Miami Beach Police Department, Justin was initially arrested for drag racing, and being seemingly impaired by the effects of alcohol. He initially resisted arrest, although eventually was cooperative.


Justin was said to have originally told the arresting officer that he was not drunk, although he did submit to a drug and alcohol test, both of which he failed. He was later also found to be driving on an expired Georgia license.

Khalil Sharieff, a rapper that is friends with Justin, was also arrested. More alarmingly, Justin’s father was said to be on the scene with his 19-year old son.

Photos courtesy of WENN and Miami Beach Police Department.