Ovation Star Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Tanna Frederick


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Tanna Frederick stars in Ovation, a romantic comedy, alongside Desperate Housewive’s James Denton. INO sat down with Frederick to dish about beauty products, and of course, we couldn’t resist asking about Denton!

Since you have been an actress for over 10 years, can you share the best makeup trick you’ve learned along the way?

The best trick I’ve learned along the way is less is always more.  As I do more and more shoots and get more experience with different makeup artists, I’ve learned that for my face a coat of mascara and lip gloss is good enough and also the most important thing is using a good sunscreen-especially in this industry.
 What are your “must have” beauty products?
Dove conditioner, Yves Saint Laurent Mascara, Benefit Dandelion blush, Mary Kay lip gloss, Babor Cleansing, Clarins Super restorative Eye Concentrate, La Prairie Cellular Treatment, Neutrogena  SPF 70 or higher ultra sheer sunblock
You just finished filming “Ovation” with Desperate Housewive’s James Denton. What was it like working with him? 
He was wonderful to work with.  It was really fun and he has a lovely sensabilty for comedic timing  that made working with him easy and like hanging out with your best friend and laughing at stupid jokes.