Allison Williams + Ricky Van Veen MAIN

Allison Williams, star of the HBO series “Girls,” seems to have life all figured out. She’s incredibly smart (uhm, hello – she went to Yale!), a fantastic actress, her dad is pretty much the pre-eminent news anchor of our time, oh, and she’s absolutely gorgeous. She’s also got a pretty amazing boyfriend – CollegeHumor founder Ricky Van Veen.

The couple, who have been together for three years, seem to be going strong but it seems that Ricky might be looking to make things a little more official! Rumor has it that he’s already picked out the perfect ring for his lady love (although he hasn’t purchased it yet), and is just figuring out what the perfect way to ask Allison to marry him will be. According to the source, Ricky also plans to take the traditional route and formally ask for Allison’s hand in marriage from her father. Awww!

Considering the fact that Ricky is the brains behind one of the funniest website on the planet, his proposal is bound to be something completely out of this world.

(PS: Hopefully all these Internet rumors don’t put the kabosh on Ricky’s plans!)