MILA KUNIS Hits The Gym With Workout Buddy

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Get Fit Obsessed:

Mila Kunis knows one strategy to stay on the exercise bandwagon: workout with a friend! Paparazzi caught up the ‘Black Swan’ star as she was leaving the gym, chatting with her gal pal. Here’s one secret I wish Mila would share: how does she leave the gym looking ready for a photo shoot? Seriously? LOL

What’s your strategy for keeping up with your workouts? I’ll start: one of mine has become listening to podcasts. I enjoy music, but I find listening to podcasts really distracts me from the fact that I’m, well, exercising (which I do NOT enjoy). Rumor has it Mila and Ashton Kutcher are engaged or close to it. A wedding is plenty of motivation to workout!