Channing Charms His Fans

channing tatum in nyc (1)

I’m sure Channing Tatum charmed his fans when he took a moment to stop and chat them up as he left his New York City hotel. I’m especially impressed by the fact that Channing stopped to talk and pose for pictures given that NYC is in the middle of yet another deep freeze. The ‘22 Jump Street‘ star’s actions are even more impressive when you check out his cold weather gear, which seems to be just about non-existent.

He must still be stuck in the LA mindset! That lightweight knit jacket was probably useless against the frigid winds in the city, even over the sweater and tees he’s wearing underneath it. Hopefully Channing just had to hop into a waiting car after talking to the fans. If I were Channing, my first stop would be at any store that sold coats. Even if he’s only going to be in town for a few days, it’s SO worth it.