Hot Guy Of The Day CHRIS HEMSWORTH Arrives In Japan

chris hemsworth (1)

Talk about looking hot and fresh as a daisy: check out Chris Hemsworth! Here’s the ‘Thor‘ star arriving at Narita International Airport, which is in Japan. If Chris flew from the States, then it was a long flight, but you wouldn’t know he’d just wrapped up a long flight by looking at him. Chris is surely used to travel by now, though, so I’m sure he’s perfected the art of sleeping on a plane. Actually, I hope he’s perfected the art of grabbing a few winks when he can: that skill will come in handy after the twins arrive!

He stopped to greet fans who were waiting for him. I’m sure he made the day for those ladies who got pictures with him ;). Chris even had his hammer from ‘Thor’! Did you  get a chance to see ‘Thor: The Dark World’? It was a fun movie to watch. I’m ready for another one!

Photos by WENN